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We’ve set up a Student Action Plan. This contains all the relevant information you may need on what comes next. Please take your time and read through the page while we match you with your tutor.

Student Action Plan

Here’s what happens next:

  • Make sure to schedule lessons at a time convenient to both you and the tutor. Construct a thorough lesson plan with your tutor. Send through any work so that the tutor can adequately prepare.

Before the lesson:

  • If the lesson is online make sure you are familiar with the platform you are using and that the connection is stable. We recommend Microsoft Teams. Follow the link for a tutorial.
  • If something pops up and you can’t make a lesson notify your tutor ahead of time.
  • Feel free to record the lesson.
  • If the lesson is In Person, remember to schedule the lessons a couple of days in advance so that your tutor can make adequate travel arrangements.

After the lesson:

  • The tutor will log the lesson. Please check your email and provide feedback on the lesson. This should be done after each and every lesson. You can notify the student to let you know when they log the lesson.
  • If you were satisfied with your lesson, please go give us a Google review so we can keep up the good work.
If any issues arise:
  • If any form of issue arises or in the very rare case you sense an issue with the tutor, please notify the sales staff so it can be resolved.
  • If we get notified we can help!

Last but not least:

  • Please remember to communicate thoroughly with your tutor for the duration of the lessons.

Any Questions? Please contact:

Prep2Perfection: 068 046 7000

After Hours:

Bernard: 068 018 1896

Martin: 067 010 3293